Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yummy melons or rotting algae balls??????

Whatever you do.... don't drink this......

I love experimenting in the supermarkets and convenient stores by buying random foods that I can't read. (which is 99.9% of food items I see)

But this time I made a horrible choice.... I thought it would be safe to buy these guys since I found them next to the yogurts and yummy smoothie drinks... but GEEEEEESH@#*@(*&#(*

The one on the left was one of the most bizarrely awful drinks!!!!!!! I thought that the picture behind the kanji was some sort of abstract yummy melon but no no no.... i think its actually a picture of rotting algae balls (or at least that's what it tasted like.)

And the one on the right I should have known better because at a closer glance I noticed it has a small circular picture of weird cells or dna..... not sure if it gives you those parasites or is supposed to get rid of them. hrmmm...

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