Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 years...

So.... I forgot to mention..... it's official!!!! I re-contracted for a 2nd year!!!!

Was a no-brainer for me to stay on a 2nd year. I love my schools, my kids, the teachers, I have a rad pad, some great Japanese friends and the economy is in shits back home...

My girlfriend in Gifu prefecture told me the JET funding was cut so 50% of the JETs in Gifu won't even have the choice to extend for a 2nd year. :(

Luckily I got my re-contracting papers last month and my teachers begged me to sign them straightaway to make sure I could get the extension.

I bet the real reason they wanted me to sign 'em straight away is cuz they know this insane snow is coming and they're afraid I might freak out and back out of the contract! yikes!!!!!!!!!!

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