Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chicago Interview on Kenya

My friend from back home found this interview of me on the internet:

The Chicago ABC News team interviewed me back in January of this year when all of the riots were taking place back in Kenya. They found out I had returned from Kenya a week prior, so they asked if they could come over to ask me some questions.

I thought it would just be an article in the newspaper - so we were shocked when the TV crew came a knockin!!!

The night before my brother and I threw a big party at our house - so when I got the call that next morning, we had to rush to wake everyone up so they could help us clean up the place... but maybe that explains why I seem a bit out of it in the interview! hahaha...

A week or two after the interview - Peace Corps Kenya was completely shut down due to the riots and all of the volunteers were sent back home to America... The program was shut down for a good 6 months before they slowly started bringing back volunteers. Luckily now things are more stable and Peace Corps Kenya is trying to start back up where they left off!!!

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