Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do I look Michael Jacksonesque????

So yeah.... if I haven't said it before - I'll say it again... I'm a blonde.

The sidewalks here in Sapporo are coated with ICEEE... thick slick slippery sheets of ice... I knew it would only be a matter of time before I had a wipeout.... So this morning on my walk to work I had my first full on - full body WIPEOUT... but funny enough I DID NOT slip on the thick sheets of ice. no. no.... I somehow managed to walk so that my right shoe's shoelace loop conveniently got hooked into my left shoe's hook and I went FLYING.... I managed to scrape up my palm pretty deep, my forearm, elbow and knee. fun fun....

When I got to school I was covered in blood and they were freaking out and rushed me to the school nurses. (whom by the way are AMAZING!!!! its like a clean mini hospital!!!!!) They cleaned me up and gave me this really awesome fish net Michael Jackson glove. They were so excited to help me and begged for me to come back!!!! (i think they liked my mini Michael Jackson moonwalk) hahah... hopefully I won't have to....

Another idiotic thing I did was on my binge shopping spree in COSTCO. I was so happy to see English on everything that I gobbled it all up. Well...... I bought what I thought was a huge thing of awesome American laundry detergent... Luckily I showed it to another JET while he was visiting and he was like: "ummm... callie... you do know thats a shitload of fabric softener, don't you???" WHOOOOPS...... if anyone lives in sapporo and wants some fabric softener - let me know!!! i dont even know how to use it. :-/

Oh yeah.... one more..... at my dinner last Monday with Shingo..... I managed somehow to get fishballs stuck in my hair without even knowing it.... I could understand if it was soba noodles cause you have to suck em up really fast... but the fish balls were in the nabe soup we had.... ummmm..... no idea how they ended up in my hair!!!

Off to my final class of breakdancing!!! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving!!! :) I hope they love my new hand fashion statement. But looks like I won't be able to do any of my signature floor moves tonight due to my injury. :(


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