Sunday, November 23, 2008


yup... you hear me right..... HALLELUJAH JAPAN!!!!!!!!!

Not exactly what I imagined I'd be listening to in Japan... but hey!

Mayu and her friends invited me to a Gospel concert last weekend. Their friend was performing in it so I decided to tag along. I'm always dying to get a dose of culture in me... plus it's been ages since I've been to any kind of concert!

They were actually really good.... but it was so strange for me to be the only foreigner in the huge theatre listening to a bunch of Japanese sing about Jesus and God and saying "Hallelujah" umpteen times!!! hahaha.... They even had a few numbers for Christmas and were decked out in Xmas gear! :) I asked Mayu and her friends if they were a Christian group - and she said no... They were mostly Buddhists but just loved singing gospel songs! By the end of the concert they had everyone standing and dancing and singing along..... They put up Japanese and English lyrics on a huge projector screen and switched up the languages so everyone was joining in!!! :)

We were all holding hands and rejoicing together!!!!! hahahah.... soooooo bizarre I tell ya. It reminded me a bit of the crazy visits I made to African churches - only there it was dirt floors, no shoes and the big Kenyan mamas were pickin you up and huggin the daylights out of you. hahaha...

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