Thursday, November 20, 2008

HOLEY SchNOWley!!!!!!!!!!

Every day I have been relying on my bicycle to get me to where I want to go... There was one snowfall a few weeks ago, but luckily it never stuck... so I've been able to ride my bike.

but theeeeen this morning I woke up and noticed it was a bit brighter than usual in my house. I took a peek outside and oh boy oh boy.... there was SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! holy cow!!!!!!!! not just a few flakes but a HUGE BLANKET of SNOWWWW!!!! I guess when it rains it pours.

Sadly I had to say goodbye to my trusty bicycle. :( snifffff....

The subway and train were PACKED.... I took this photo after the busy Odori station stop (so this is only 1/2 of the remaining people)

The snowfall is actually making it feel a bit more like Christmas now!!! Sapporo Station and shops are already all decked out for Christmas. (and its hilarious cause they don't even celebrate xmas here) oooooh how I love Engrish signs.... "VERY XMAS!!!"

This is the walk to my school!!! It is absolutely gorgeous... It was cute watching the little kids after school go nuts with the first real snowfall of the year. They were jumping into the banks and having snowball fights... awwww....

On my walk home from Sapporo Station I was waiting at a traffic light - when there were a group of 3 really cute young guys in business suits lugging some suitcases behind them. They were shivering like MAD... hahah... I started laughing and said in Japanese something to the effect that I could tell they were obviously not from Hokkaido and that they better watch out... They started laughing and told me they came from Tokyo and couldn't believe how damn cold and snowy it was here in Sapporo!!! hahah.... we chatted for a bit and then they even offered to take me out to dinner!!!!! oooh man.... why can't Sapporo guys be this easy??!??!?! I had to get to my breakdancing class so sadly declined. :( We said our sayonaras as they shivered and slipped and slid across the road to find their hotel.

WINTER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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