Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marking papers...

Exams are on this week - which means no classes!!! But I'm keepin busy helping teachers mark student's composition papers.... For this assignment students had to write about a teacher in the school.... I pulled out some of the highlights for you to enjoy!!!!!!!

mr. asthma is always smirking and wear a wig. He has many wife. Hobby is hair massage.

He is tall. Tall man looks handsome. And he has short hair. His short hair makes us refreshing.

He is sweaty. He is very very very very big man. His charm point is his glasses of a black flame and a pretty vest.

He look gloomy and look like beaver but I like the mysterious atmosphere.

His characteristic is making many mistake. So, He may not be good at teaching something. He looks like capybara. He is cool, but in other words he makes no effort whatsoever to be agreeable. Oh, sorry. He have a good point too. It is that he keeps time. So We like him.

He is always smiling. That smile is very cheep.

But he is very very fat. I want him to reduse his weight. He gets sad when we says him that he is fat. Contarary to his body, his class is easy to understand.

his body is fun. Because his hip is big! And his finger is short! and his hair is thin! and his arm is very soft! when we touch them, we feel comfortable.

He has metabolic syndrome.

his character is rough and touchy. he usually wears red jersey. we felt passion from him.

his outlook is plump and muscularity!

He has a hot heart

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John Nguyen said...

lol, those are hilarious! My favorite one is "Contarary to his body, his class is easy to understand." I wish I could be marking papers all week if they're like that :P