Monday, November 24, 2008

My short reign as bowling queen!!!!

Ahhh.... How I love these abundant Japanese National Holidays!!!

I've stopped asking what the special occasion is and instead I'm just enjoying them!!!!!! My friend Shingo also had the day off so we decided to get together and have some fun!

We started the day off at noon. I cooked him a big fat American burger in exchange for helping me with my Japanese studying. (my exam is in 2 weeeeeeks!!!!) After we studied a bit he drove me to this crazy huge Vegas style arcade/gaming center/bowling extravaganza center!!! It was AMAZIN!!!!!

One of the floors was dedicated to those crazy coin push machines... Normally I hate 'em cause they suck your money away - but in Japan they've somehow unsurprisingly made them hypnotic, tantalizing and hilarious!!!! We got a bucket full of tokens, sat on one of the crazy love seat sofas and pushed our luck. Lights were blinging, balls were flying, coins were flying in our lap.... neon lights flashed, girls sang to us, a lady came by ringing a bell.... it was nuts. hahah...

We also had a go in the purikura photo booth.... Here are our results:

We also went bowling!!! A bit into our first game - as I was stepping up to bowl - suddenly the lights went out and crazy lights started spinning and glowing. The lanes were pitch black except for crazy red strobes down the sides...... Luckily Shingo was there to help me understand what the heck was goin on!!!! An announcer all decked out stepped on the lanes and made a high pitched announcement: It was a strike competition to crown the next bowling kind/queen!!!! hahahaha.... and guess who won?!?!?!? ME!!!!! hahahhaha... I have no idea how cause im rubbish at bowling... but I managed to get a strike on the first go... we went nuts and the old ladies next to me were practically kissing me!!! (which was quite startling cause normally Japanese are not affectionate in public - but I guess bowling brings out the looove!)

.... The staff came over to our lane and crowned me with a Hawaiin necklace and we had our picture taken. They also awarded me with this bowling picture clip stand. hahahah...

Since I was crowned queen I ordered Shingo to give me a curtsy in this pink kilted bowling pin!!! hahahaha...

We spent a good few hours at the place until we were starvin... then he took me to this cool tatami sit down Japanese restaurant and ordered a huge spread of soba, nabe, sushi, tempura, soups, and mooooooore.... OISHIIIIIII.... so delicious!!!!!!

I'm now ready to CRASH!!!!!!!

can't wait til the next holiday!!!

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photograbock said...

Fab!!! You FINALLY found the super-cool purikura backgrounds!! Sweeeeeet!

I've wanted to go to Round1 Bowling ever since I saw those sweet, sweet "Booowwrrring, Booooowwwrrring" commercials with the funny fat Japanese lady. You know what I'm talking about right? Right?

Anyhoo, glad to see you take a break from studying for some oversized-pin-lovin-goodness!!!