Sunday, November 2, 2008

only 3 days until America VOTES OBAMA!!!!!!!

wow........ FINALLY the day has come.......... when Americans can finally be proud to be Americans again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the country the second I graduated University.... and I told myself I wouldn't go back until Bush was out of office!!!! Well... it's been 7 years since I left and I've kept my word! But FINALLY Obama has come to the rescue!!! In only 3 days he will be elected as the next President!!!!!!! wow...

When I was in Peace Corps Kenya we had the opportunity to meet him! He flew over to Kenya to visit his Grandmother. Peace Corps invited volunteers to come and meet him at the American Embassy in Nairobi. I felt so honored because I was able to stand next to him and be his sign language interpreter!!!!!!!

Afterwards, Michelle, Obama and their kids came over to talk to us. I was a dork and wore his "OBAMA FOR US SENATE" sticker which he used to run in Illinois for US Senator (I brought it over with me to Kenya to remind me that I should still have hope for our country!!!) He pointed it out straight away and asked where the hell I got that in Kenya. hahahaha....


Obama's YES WE CAN music video!!!

Obama's Campaign Video:

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Erickson Young said...

Done cast my vote! Wink! Go Obama!