Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Taiko class

After all of this hip hoppin' and breakdancin' - I thought it would only be fitting that I get some real Japanese culture pumped into me... so I decided to take up Taiko classes! (Japanese drummin')

One of my Japanese friends found the class for me and helped beg the teacher to let me in since the class was already on their 7th lesson!!!! yikes.... I was thrown right into the deep depths of Taiko... The teacher and others don't speak a lick of English so I've been relying on my not so good sense of what I guess you would call rhythm!

Hahaha... but it's good fun!!! We meet about 3 times a month on random Sundays...

Here's just a sneak peak of the beat we learned during my 2nd class!!!!!! holy schmoley.... I have a lot of practicing to do!

I think they get a kick out of me cause I have no idea what I'm doing and just kind of make up my own beats if I forget some. hahaha.... And I think I've been taking the Japanese a bit too literally.... I kept hearing the teacher say to me: Callie-san... Atama kara!!!!!! (which literally means head from) So I started beatin the beat on my head which sent the students and teachers onto the floor laughin hysterically. I soon found out "atama kara" means from the start.

Whoops..... im learning slowly........

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