Monday, December 8, 2008

Japanese JLPT test is OWATTTTTA!!!!!!!

IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!! (the JLPT - Japanese Language Proficiency Test that is)

When I arrived in Japan 4 months ago - the only Japanese I knew was Konnichiwa, Domo Arigatou Mr. Roboto, and a phrase my Dad taught me: "Don't touch my moustache." (Which I later found out when skewwed correctly means you're welcome: doughie tashi mashete.)

But even with that limited knowledge, all of the other JETs were telling me to sign up for the JLPT Level 4 test (which somehow means the easiest level). They said I could pass it easy peasey without much effort.... So a few of us dumb fools believed them and signed up for the test.

We later found out that we would have to memorize 100 kanji (which was the easy part) 1,000 vocabulary and then learn craploads of crazy grammar. AHHHH!!!!!

So I've pretty much given my soul to the Japanese grammar books these past 3 months in order to pass this damn test!!!!

When we arrived for the JLPT test bright and early Sunday morning - a group of my students were waiting outside to document me!!!!!! hahahaha... They seem to love videotaping my every move here in Japan. I arrived with a few other JET's who crashed at my house but my students froze when they tried to ask them questions.

I won't let you know how the test went until I know for sure in February when they release the results!!!!

The actual test taking time was only 2 hours long but they somehow managed to drag it out for 5 hours!!!! When we finally finished - guess who was waiting outside the doors in the snowy cold weather?!?!??! yup!!! my students again!!! I guess they found out the finishing time and wanted to catch our reactions. hahaha... Crystal I think shed some tears for the camera when she disclosed that she thought she was finished with all of the listening questions only to find out there was one more left to go!!!! whooooops. all of her answered must have been one off on the answer sheet. :(

Here are some shots of us post-JLPT... sooooo happy to be DONE!!!!

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