Monday, December 8, 2008

A KFC Christmas!!!!!!

Here in Japan - their idea of a good ole American Christmas would not be complete without a big finger lickin' Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner!!!!!

I heard rumors about this when I arrived in Japan but never believed it to be true.... until NOW! ooooh yes..... the Kernel is decked out as Santa everywhere! and there are loads of commercials featuring the Christmas fried chicken goodness: (please compare this video with Jesse's chicken picture below)

So to celebrate our Japanese test being OWATTA (finished!!!!)... Crystal was kind enough to order us a big bucket of Japanese KFC Christmas fried chicken AND a few bottles of sparkly Hello Kitty Champagne (1% alcohol and 999% pink sugar!!!!) mmmmm....

Crystal's awesome neighbor Eri also made us some scrumptious Japanese Christmas Cakes because we were too cheap to fork over the $50 to buy one at KFC.

We spent the night lickin our fingers to the greasy goodness, sittin on the toilet and then dancing to awesome christmas, 80's and pop music!!!!!!

You can get more awesome greasy details of KFC Xmas on Crystal's blog:


justin said...

you should come out east this weekend. we're having a Kentucky Fried Christmas on Saturday! Oh bless.

Callie Sorensen said...

thanks for the invite - but I think I can only handle one KFC party a year!!!! have a finger lickin good time out east tho!!!!