Monday, December 15, 2008

Sapporo Illllllumination

After a week of being sick as a dog.... I finally decided to get my butt outside and enjoy the snow and Sapporo Illumination and German Christmas Market.

Last Thursday, I met my friend Shingo after school and we walked up and down Odori Park frolicking in the snow - the lights were sooooo prettttttty... especially with the powdery snow that came falling down on us. We were frozen to the bone so we stopped for some hot mulled wine and split a deer burger with apple on top at the German Xmas Market. Felt a bit odd to be eating Rudolph at a Xmas market, but it was DEEEELISH!!!

We then snuck up to the top of the TV tower for some views over Sapporo then walked around town a bit to see some more lights and had a cup of hot cocoa before I headed home for bed. Was good to finally get out and have some fun after being bed ridden for a few days!!!

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