Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween party #7

OK.... Halloween is tomorrow but I've already celebrated it 7 times.... I think it's lucky number 7 so maybe tomorrow I should just stay in, relax, and watch movies!!!!!

Today I had a Halloween party with my other High School. I teach the 3rd year optional English class so they are loads of fun because they actually CHOOSE and WANT to study English!!! And the Japanese teacher I team teach with is awesome because he has a great sense of humor and lets me go wild in class!

So today we decided to mix things up by throwing a surprise Halloween party!!!!! When the bell rang the Japanese teacher went in the room first and told them I wouldn't be able to make it to class that day...... But then a minute or 2 later I ran in hog wild thru the back door of the class screaming like a pirate- running up and down the rows pretending to kill the students. They were screaming like mad!!! It was priceless!!!! I wish we caught it on tape....

Then at lunch time I ran up and down the hallways like a crazy pirate - popping in each room throughout the entire building screaming HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! then I threw fist fulls of candy up into the air... Some of the students were stunned and froze in silence, others screamed bloody murder and the rest had a good laugh!!!

The teachers told me I am the most "interesting" ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) they have ever had. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing?!?!?! Hahahaha....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party!!!!!

Here are some photos from our crazy Halloween party at my High School!!!!!

One of my teachers allowed me to use the entire class period to play bobbing for apples, the dead body part guessing game, mummy wrap toilet paper relay race and more!!!

Then at lunch I opened the party to the entire school. Right as the bell rang I ran up and down the hallways into every class yelling for students to join the Halloween party! 70 kids came along with a bunch of teachers, student teachers and the Vice Principal!!!! The broadcasting club was also there to videotape the party! One student even asked to perform his rap song that he wrote. hahah... Was a huge hilarious success!!! :)

More pictures of the party are at:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yummy melons or rotting algae balls??????

Whatever you do.... don't drink this......

I love experimenting in the supermarkets and convenient stores by buying random foods that I can't read. (which is 99.9% of food items I see)

But this time I made a horrible choice.... I thought it would be safe to buy these guys since I found them next to the yogurts and yummy smoothie drinks... but GEEEEEESH@#*@(*&#(*

The one on the left was one of the most bizarrely awful drinks!!!!!!! I thought that the picture behind the kanji was some sort of abstract yummy melon but no no no.... i think its actually a picture of rotting algae balls (or at least that's what it tasted like.)

And the one on the right I should have known better because at a closer glance I noticed it has a small circular picture of weird cells or dna..... not sure if it gives you those parasites or is supposed to get rid of them. hrmmm...

Friday, October 24, 2008

YEAH!!!! I can read!!!!!!

I finally got a picture of this........ it's one of the very first Japanese hiragana signs I could read!!!! (it's in the toilet of my high school's bathroom)

The 2nd line says:


and kudasai means please or please I'll have... so when ya put it together in my engrish brain it reads: please shit or.... ill have a shit please

Now a few months later I realize SHITe KUDASAI means to do something politely... but I still get a laugh every time I sit on this loo.

Fast food 1/2 price supermarket dinner...

I love Sapporo supermarkets at night... after about 6pm they go crazy marking everything half off!!!!!! And when a banana or other piece of fruit or veggie starts showing a tiny little brown spot then they jump on it and slash the price! whoooo hoooooO!!!!!!

The top dish is some saucy open faced sushi I ate for dinner for only $2!!!

The bottom pineapple was $2 marked down from $4!!! but still... paying $2 for a few pieces of pineapple is nuts after coming from kenya where an entire pineapple in my village would run me 15 shillings!!!! (20 cents)

This ain't no Kenya I've realized!!!

But hey... I gotta toilet and electricity and running water so I can't complain!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sex in the City and Karaoke in the hallways...

As always, between passing periods I wander the hallways and talk to unsuspecting students. There are a few hilarious girls that I always have a good time with who are in their final year.... They can't speak a lick of English but we get by on my choppy Japanese and their choppy English. Today one of the girls asked me what my favorite American TV drama was...

I told her I was watching Grey's Anatomy now... then she asked me why I didn't say "Sex in the City." Hahahha... I told her I also love that show. Then outta nowhere in English she belts out: "YEAH! Totally!!!! I love Charlottes face, Carrie is KEWWWL, Miranda is funny sometimes but that Samantha is such a BITCH!" HAHAHAHA.... wtf?!?!? I thought to myself... where in the world did that come from outta this tiny little shy japanese girl!??!?! I wish I had a video clip of her sayin it... hahaha.... too funny!

Also today in the halls a few boys came up to me and asked for help with their English Entrance Exam for University... I said sure!!! and told them to see me after school... so at 3:20, 7 guys showed up and dragged me to their classroom... They kind of fidgeted nervously for 15 minutes til we finally found a place to sit together. I asked them what they wanted me to explain and they ran out of the class to get a textbook... When they came back it was an English song lyric book and even though they couldn't put a sentence together in English they started belting out songs and serenading me in English!!!!!! hahaha.... they definitely wooed me. There's nothin quite like a session of karaoke in the classroom.

I asked if this was part of their exam and they said no. Then they admitted they just wanted to talk to me. Hahahha... we ended up sitting and chatting until about 6:30pm!!! They asked if they could meet with me everyday. I wonder what songs I'll get tomorrow...

Oh deary me... every day is something new!

Blog hits...

So I signed up for this blog counter type of thing which tracks how many visitors come to my site and how they get here... I found a section on the site which lets me look what people googled to end up at my blog.... here are some of the top searches! hahahaha....

naked boy
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oh yeah.... and to date it says I've had 5,128 page loads and 2,552 unique visitors!!! holy schmoley...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My purchases from the Tsudomu Golden Market...

Soooo... I guess you could say I hit the jackpot at the Tsudomu Second Hand Golden Market.

Here's one of my top purchases for 150yen ($1.50)

From what I can make out its an angry toilet dressed up as santa claus... On his back is a mistle toe that you pull which makes his little girlfriend toilet paper girl vibrate like crazy and she rings her bell..... Quite amazing!!!

I also found this little black poo toy at another vendor. It was phenominal to reunite the two!!!

I also found MARIMO!!!!!!!!

In the shops around Sapporo he goes for 3,000 yen plus!!! But I used my charm and batted my eyelids quite a few times and bought about a dozen marimos for 400yen!!!!!!!

I can't show all of them since they will be xmas presents for a few special people!!!!!

If you want some explanation on who this marimo character is click here to check out my previous post...

my recent shopping trip in sapporo (?!@!?@$#$??)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bags in the air

A few weeks ago one of my teachers was trying to talk to me about how to know when winter is coming in Sapporo. (I didn't want to break the news to him and tell him I know its coming soon cause its getting FRIGGIN COLD here!!!)

But he went on to tell me..... "Callie... you know winter is approaching when you see a lot of bags in the air." ummm.... "HUH??? What did you say???" I asked.... He repeated... "You will see a lot of bags in the air - especially when you go next to Toyohira River. Maybe you can take a picture."

Ummm.... OK??? I tend not to question things anymore here in Japan. I imagined he was trying to tell me that maybe the garbage men get lazy near winter time so plastic bags just kind of float around in the wind... Kind of in that beautiful kind of way like in "American Beauty."

So then today I finally realized exactly what he was talking about... it wasn't bags but BUGS!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! that was it!!!! and my oh my was he right. there are THOUSANDS OF TINY LITTLE BUGGIN WINTER BUGS!!!!!! I was riding my bike home today along Toyohira River and out of nowhere a huge swarm smacked me right in the face. I must have eaten a few dozen or so..... plus a few more dozen entered my body thru every other orifice. ufffff....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My typical encounter with food in Japan...

NOTE: you can replace "sun chips" with any food item such as: hot dog, hamburger, crepe, donut, french fries, pizza, etc....

So for example: "It looks like a pizza, SMELLS like a pizza, tastes like FISH!!!!!" or...
"It looks like a hot dog, SMELLS like a hot dog, tastes like FISH!!!!!"


Laser Hair Removal

so it looks like im going to stay in japan for 2 years... besides loving my job and sapporo, i keep signing 2 year contracts for random things... the other week it was for laser hair removal!!!

i've been trying to do it for sometime now... but i'm never in one place for long enough!!! I actually signed up at a place in Nairobi, Kenya but the laser machine had a meltdown (luckily the day before i started treatment! but i guess it wasn't so smart in the first place to do something like that in kenya!)

But through word of mouth I found this great salon that does permanent laser hair removal for really cheap in Sapporo. My angel was nice enough to take me to the shop and help me translate! When we got to the place I asked to do my pits and bikini line. It was so funny because Japanese women are sooooooo shy - especially when it comes to talking about anything that involves anything near your "private parts." (after spending time in the onsens I also realized that this area is normally left VERY untouched)

But every time we had to talk about the bikini line area they both burst out in giggles!!! It was soooo cute! The lady who worked there tried to draw a picture but it was so abstract we couldn't communicate well - so with my sex ed background I drew a detailed picture showing them what I wanted - which sent them over the edge dying with laughter. I think they both had tears in their eyes! hahahahah.... It was hilarious!! I then signed up for a 2 year unlimited contract (it was only $200 total!!!)...

In Japan they use a hanko (ink stamp of your name) instead of a signature. When I took mine out they both started screaming "KAWAI!!!! (which means CUTE!!!) Every little thing I did they kept screaming "kawai" this and "kawai" that... and my oh my - when I placed my ink stamp on the contract - they were screaming "KAWAI!!!!" even louder... all of the other workers and clients in the building came running to look. jeeeebus!!! hahaha...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Student Council Interview...

I had a few students come up to me today for yet ANOTHER interview. This time it was the student council members preparing a page for me in their equivalent of a year book. From what I understood they are having a Callie page. Oh dear...
They printed out a list of questions for me to answer... and told me I had a day to fill it out... Here's a sampling:
Q: What is your blood type?
Q: We are happy to speak you Japanese. Could you tell us how to study Japanese? - i think they meant how do I study Japanese??
Q: What part of good in Japan do you want American to know?
Q: I heard you have been to Africa. What is your impressions?
and my all time favorite:
Q: Could you tell us secrets of your beauty???


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Naked Boy Festival

I can't stress enough how much I LOVE this country for the absolute randomness and amazingness which I encounter every single friggin day!!!!

I luckily accidentally bumped into this tighty whitey half naked boy festival which was only 5 minutes from my house!!!! My stars must have been aligned perfectly that night!!!!

Teaching idioms...

One of my JTE's (Japanese Teacher of English) asked me to explain a bunch of idioms to the 3rd year optional English class...

Idioms are really tricky to explain - especially when your students have a hard enough time understanding 'simple' plain English. Most of them freak out and clam up when I ask a simple question like: "How are you?"

So I gave it a think and decided to draw a few pictures and use crazy Callie actions and charades to give them relationship cues to the words in hopes that they will have an easier time remembering the idioms come entrance and TOEIC exam time.

I think my teacher had a kick out of my lesson cause he photographed my drawings after class and left a printout on my desk to say thanks! hahah (sadly some of the best and hilarious ones were on the board previous to this)

oh yeah.... and I KNOW I can't spell so please don't point that out to me! whoops... I'm... um.... trying to challenge my students to correct my mistakes!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Purikura Photo Booth MAGIC!!!!!!!

Flea Market and a Crazy Animal Party

On Sunday, John and I met up with Mayumi, Yoshi and another friend at the HUGE Tsudomu Golden Flea Market.

It was like a huge garage sale - with hundreds of vendors under one enormous dome!!!!! They had food vendors and comedians and musicians and other random presentors on a main stage... I bought a few random T-shirts for 10cents each, a nice winter jacket for $8, random crazy japanese toys (one was a black piece of poo with a smiley face on it and the other was a toilet with a santa hat that shook when you pulled a cord... oh yeah! and a few MARIMOS!!!!)

Of course with Japan being a great place with heaps of random crazy activities going on.... around the corner from the Flea Market was a big dog/animal party!!!

They had tents with loads of puppies and animals to play with. Mayu and Yoshi brought their puppy moco tarou with so he could join in the fun! (at the flea market Mayu bought a girlfriend for moco - shes in the pic)

Also at the crazy animal festival - they had wild baby boars walking with tires...

Penguins which ran loose on stage and tried to attack the dogs and children.

Everyone brought their dogs to the event... and they were all dressed to the 9s!!!!! This cute little papillon reminded me of Gizmo.... so I made sure to grab a seat next to the family so I could play with her all day!!! She was pretty underdressed though compared to all of the other dogs. There was a mini-pini in a full out army jacket with a foofy hood, toy poodles in nauseating ballerina dresses, a tea cup chihuahua in tiny little people clothes and more more more...

They also had us up on stage to catch an owl..... Although the owls and falcons got loose and were flying and dive bombing the audience. But it was good times!!!!!!

Learning Japanese through Games...

On Saturday - we popped into the International Communication Plaza to grab some info... While we were there we noticed a flyer on the wall saying that there were free Japanese conversation/cultural lessons which were starting in 10 minutes!!!! This week's topic was Japanese games... so we decided to go and pop our heads in!

This cute elderly Japanese woman was running the show.... she showed us all sorts of crazy games that she played in her childhood before the 'days of nintendo.' We played a Japanese version of pin the tail on the donkey - but instead you had to place different facial features on the paper. We also spun tops in the hallway, played a crazy marble grabbing game with fake skirts, a crazy samurai slapping coaster game, an old school sumo board game and more!!! The ladies running the class were loads of fun so I think I'll join them every Saturday!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My new soul mates: pigs and squid

After the boys dropped me off at Wakkanai station - I met my soul mate!!!!!

Mr. Hizuki the potbellied pig!!!!!!

His mother was busy eating ramen in the station so I ran up and got permission to play with him for 20 minutes!!!!

He wore the softest little cuddliest pig outfit while he licked and ate the train station's floor. Now how cute can one get????

After I was forced to say goodbye to Mr. Hizuki I was quite depressed so I went shopping and came across another friend..... Mr. Mikka the Ika!!!! (ika=squid)

I made an impulse buy since I was depressed... and forgot to buy dinner for the train. Whoops.

At least I have a new spooning partner!!!

Hair grabbing in convenient stores...

I forgot to mention one other highlight of my trip up north to Wakkanai...

On Sunday morning, Rob and I went to the local Seico Mart (convenient store) to grab some gifts for Nic who let us stay at his house... We went up to pay and the two middle aged women behind the counter just reached across, grabbed my hair and began to stroke it!!!!!! There was no talking or asking for permission.... they just rang us up and started petting me. hahaha... I leaned in for them to get a better look at my hair and they went absolutely ga ga.... like little kids on Christmas morning.

I'm glad I'm an easy source of entertainment and amusement for so many Japanese people here!


After our hike and adventure on Rebun Island we came back to Wakkanai and went for a looooooooong soak in the onsen... It was amazzzzzing!

We then went for monjayaki and okonomiyaki at this little hole in the wall. It was just us and the mama who ran the joint. 1/2 way into our meal, a large drunk group of Japanese came in and were shocked to see 5 gaijin (foreigners) at this little restaurant in Wakkanai. They were so excited that they bought us a round of drinks to cheer with us....

On Sunday morning we slept innnnn and took a drive out to the northernmost tip of Japan... We fought the wind, took pictures and then got a stamped certificate stating that we had been there. It's amazing how much insanely useless crap you can buy at these Japanese souvenir shops!

Although I did find one gem... An ikura (fish eggs) button for my backpack.

The lonely planet we had said that the highlight of Wakkanai was the Breakwater Dome... So we drove to go see it... but it was just a huge concrete 1/2 dome with concrete pillars. I tried to make it exciting for the guys by adding a dance to it...

I think the highlight of Wakkanai for us was the onsen and the purikura photo booth!!! We all crammed in and this is what we came up with!

Before the guys dropped me at the train station we went for a Russian meal... What fun fun times in Wakkanai!!!!