Monday, January 19, 2009

Callie's English Corner

A few months ago I started an English board at both of my high schools. I call it: "Callie's English Corner." Every week or two I change topics and write different short little articles in English with lots of pictures. The only English my kids get to read is their text book - so I thought this would give them something interesting and fun to read and hopefully it will help them improve their English. It also gives me a chance to teach them more about America since they are all so curious about life in the ole U. S. of A! Below the board I put a mini red mailbox where students can write questions... but so far I've only received a few since they are so shy with their English.

My very first week's topic was Obama!!!! I squeezed my articles and pictures into a tight corner of an existing bulletin board. Luckily the corner was a hit with the students, so the Vice Principal had a big new bulletin board installed next to the teacher's room just for my English Corner! yeeee ha!!!

Some of my topics have included: Thanksgiving, the floods in Chicago, Christmas, New Years, and next will be about my trip to Vietnam.

Since my kids have shown such enthusiasm for learning sign language - I also have a corner of the board dedicated to American Sign Language. I have the alphabet posted and my good friend CK from New York (who is the one who taught me ASL!) sent me a Sign Language Dictionary (featuring her!!!) My kids love it - although they still revert back to "See you later alligator" every time they see me. hahaha...

At one of my high schools the students interviewed me and wrote an article on my English corner. hahah...

Here's the newspaper clipping. :-)

If you have any ideas, pictures or articles for the board let me know!

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