Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FOOOOD in Cambodia and Vietnam

Mmmmmm.... FOOOOOOD...... the food was sooooo delicious in Vietnam and Cambodia - I decided it deserved its own post!!!

The staple food for Cambodia is fish and rice and their national dish is amok. Amok is fish baked with coconut and lemongrass wrapped in banana leaves. It was soooooo yummmmy!!!

Along with fish they also had lots of chicken dishes to choose from... here is a man transporting many chickens on the back of his motobike!

They also had their fair share of not so appetising snacks. At almost every rest stop there were heaps of ladies with hundreds of crickets and insects on their head. They also had these bizarre crisp sad little golden red birds for sale.

John was braver than I and took a dare from a street kid to try one of their tarantula snacks!!!!

The lady wanted to prove her snacks were fresh, so she showed me inside the huge bucket she was sitting on... there were 100s of live creepy crawly tarantulas wiggling about... Then on top of her head she carried a tray of caramelized/fried tarantulas.

Here's John braving a bite!

In Vietnam, the strangest thing we ate was "Crispy Field Mouse."

The menu listed pig's tripe, toasted frog bellies, serpent soup, barbecued boar head and more scrumptious selections.... so 'crispy field mouse' was the most normal of the lot. Awwww.... poor guy!!!! It tasted a bit like a scrawny chicken.

But mmmmm.... the food in Vietnam as a whole was soooo good!!! So many soups and stir fries and spring rolls and fish and more more more!!!

The national dish in Vietnam would have to be Pho - a rice noodle soup.

You put in fresh bean sprouts, green onions, mint leaves, chilis, other fresh greens and then add a few spoonfuls of hoisin sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Here's John with a tear in his eye as he eats his last bowl of Pho.

They also have delicious hot pots in Vietnam! We ate at a bunch of little hole in the ground street restaurants. They bring over a mini gas stove and bit pot with loads of fresh seafood inside of it. Then you light up your stove and add loads of fresh veggies and other goodies to the pot...


all of this plus FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIES for less than the price of a subway ticket in Japan!!!!!!

Mmmm..... here's our poor delicious red snapper after we devoured him on Xmas eve.

but mmmmmmm... FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive forgotten how much Ive missed fruit since moving to Japan! When a cantaloupe costs $40 and a little tray of 6 small pieces of watermelon cost $4 you kind of curb your cravings for fruit. But here in Vietnam it was all sooooo cheap!!!!!! We ate fresh watermelon, pineapple, apples, star apples, tangerines, oranges, passion fruits, rambutans, sapodillas, mangos, papayas, dragon fruits, bananas, custard apples, jackfruit, persimmons, stinky durians, and mooooore...

I ate so much fruit and fruit smoothies they were all spewing out of my pores. mmmm.....

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