Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodbye Vietnam!!!

Our last day in Vietnam...

When we arrived, Saigon was still recovering from its New Year's parties.

It was pouring on and off all day so the streets were flooded with water and trash. We felt like frogger trying to cross the roads dodging and weaving between the motobikes and rivers and trash.

We visited the War Remnants Museum which had exhibits from the American phase of the Vietnam war.

They had a moving photo exhibit of some of the aftermath of the war. I cannot even begin to fathom what it must have been like here during the war.

I took a picture of this sickening poster which shows some of the statistics of the wars the U.S. has been involved in. Sad to think that soon Iraq will be right up there with these.


What I found interesting about this museum though was how one sided they were. It was only about AMERICA IS EVIL... LOOK AT HOW BARBARIC AND EVIL AMERICA IS!!!! But yet it showed NO evidence of all the starvation and suffering Vietnam placed on its own people. Hrmmm.... Interesting.... I guess that's what you get living in a Communist country.

We left the museum with heavy hearts..... so decided to try and lighten ourselves by going shopping for goodies and omiyage (Souvenirs for our Japanese schools) in the markets of Saigon.

We also went to see a crazy Vietnamese water puppet show right before we caught our flight. There was fun music, and so many crazy animal puppets and people splashing on the water stage!

John tears up over his last bowl of Pho... sniff....

GOODBYE VIETNAM!!!!! I hope to see you again!

Back to mountainous, snowy Japan!!!!


where are the beaches!??!?!?

where are the palm trees?!!??!?!

For more pictues of Saigon:


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