Saturday, January 24, 2009

How they celebrate Christmas in Vietnam

A few people have asked me if they celebrate Christmas in Vietnam and Cambodia.

My answer is technically no since they are predominantly Buddhist countries. But that sure doesn't stop them from decorating, dressing up as Santa and celebrating in their own way with so much fervor and GUSTO!

They've learned how to blend Christmas into their Buddhist beliefs... A perfect example is this shrine next to Santa Claus which I found in almost every shop in Cambodia! hahaha

It was hard to believe it was Christmas time in Vietnam because it was so stinkin' hot!!!!! It sure didn't feel like Christmas but at least Vietnam was trying to make us feel at home by having crazy Xmas decorations EVERYWHERE!!!!! There were selling Santa dolls and outfits by the thousands in shops and put Christmas trees up on almost every street corner. There were also loads of life sized Santa statues playing the saxophone... I guess in Vietnam he LOVES playing the sax! hahaha...

Even the beaches in Vietnam had Xmas trees!!!!

Here's another example of a common market stall in Vietnam. This was in a tiny town in the Mekong!

A few days before and then on Christmas day almost EVERY CHILD was wearing a santa outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to sneak a few pictures of them - but it was tough!

Here's one of a Santa boy on a motobike!

They also had Santa Playlands on the streets of Vietnam. This one was on Phuoc Island!!!

The little kids were dressed in Santa gear and were riding away on these little animal rides and on Santa's lap!!! hahaha

All of the scary armless, legless, headless and scratched up mannequins were also are decked out in Santa hats.

The other thing that was bizarre in Vietnam was their obession with creating Xmas nativity scenes out of aluminum foil!!!!?!?!?! They had Joesph, Mary and baby Jesus but instead of being in the typical manger, they were always in crazy mountains made out of foil!!!!! hrmmm.... very interesting!

The song we heard the most while in Vietnam was: Happy New Year by ABBA!!!!! I still can't get that damn song out of my head. AHHH!!!!

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