Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Japan's take on Ice cream trucks...

Recently, I have been hearing strange noises outside of my house randomly... It fades in and out and sounds a bit like the mosques in Istanbul.

I've been wondering where this noise was coming from and I FINALLY caught one on my walk home from school one day!!!! The mosque like chant/song was coming from a steaming smoking little van driving at a turtle's speed on the street!!!

I showed one of my teachers this video and asked him what it was.... He said OH!!! It's yakimo!!

Then he started chanting: "yakiiiiiiiiiimooooooooo..... oiiiishiiiiiiii-mono....."

Hahhaha.... He said they drive around during the winter selling grilled sweet potatoes!!! (no wonder why a delicious aroma was steaming out of that truck!!!) He said they are delicious but go for $5 a pop nowadays!!!! yowza! In Kenya I could scarf down an entire sweet potato field for $5!!!

I guess these yakimo trucks are similar to America's ice cream trucks with their catchy yet screeching songs.

I might just splurge and try me some yakiimo!!! mmm.....

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