Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Niseko Snowboarding!!!

A small group of my Japanese friends and I went to Niseko last weekend to rent a cabin together and go skiing and snowboarding...

On the way Yoshi's car got stuck in the snow bank!!! It was nearly impossible to see anything because EVERYTHING was white with snow.

Here's Yuki and Moco waiting to get rescued.

Here's a post box in Niseko!!!!

I still can't believe a week before this I was in my bathing suit on a beach!!!!!

sniff... sniff....

We rented a cute little cottage (awesomely named: Cottage MILKY) which was only a minute away from a gorgeous onsen and 2 minutes away from the slopes. :-)

View from our Cottage MILKY living room!

Moco enjoying the warm cottage.

Shingo was sooooooooooo patient and taught both Yoshi and I how to snowboard. First, I had a go on the snowboard - but could only go down if I was holding onto Shingo for dear life (poor guy). I went flying down the mountain with him and wouldn't let go for fear that I would crash and die...

Since Yoshi and I were the same size shoe I convinced him to try my snowboard. He's normally a short skier so while he was having his lessons on my board he gave me his short skis to play around on. They were so much fun!!!! It was like a cross between skiing, ice skating and running.... Although I still couldn't really stop so I just went flying down the mountain! It was so much fun!!!!!

We went back to the cottage to relax with a cuppa tea before going to the main hall to have this GORGEOUS dinner. Mmmm..... Salads and cheeses, pumpkin soup, other scrumptious dishes, soup curry and a big strawberry layered birthday cake!!! (we were lucky that the only other people there were celebrating their 50th bday!)

at 11pm Shingo and I went off to the onsen (hot spring) to give our achey muscles a good soak. He must have been so exhausted from running with me down the mountain. The onsen was gorgeous! It was an outside bath with a view of the snow covered mountain and trees. It was so relaxing to soak and watch as the snow fell and melted instantly into the hot bath. I was lucky to have the whole place to myself! ahhh...

Here's Moco falling asleep with his girlfriend Moco-chan. Hahahha...

The next day we slept in and headed back to the slopes. Mayu, Yoshi and Yuki had to head off early to get back to Sapporo for work while Shingo and I stayed on to have a full day of snowboarding.

After I got over my initial fear I was able to finally carve down the mountain both on my toe and heel side!!!! But I could only do so if I was holding onto Shingo's pinky. The second he went to catch the lift leaving me to practice alone I could stand up - carve 1/2 way and then would go FLYING, crash and burn.

Luckily the slopes were empty!

We drove back to Sapporo, stopping to scarf some beef curry down. mmmm.....

more pictures: http://callieinjapan.shutterfly.com/1759

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