Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Saigon Christmas on Motobikes

We spent Christmas Day in Saigon zipping around on motobikes with John's family.

I think you survive motobike riding in Saigon with pure luck. There are no rules and its every man for himself!!! There's an added level of excitement when your bike's breaks go out!!! We also saw 2 crashes... One involving 2 motobikes and another with a bicycle and a taxivan. Ouch... I just held on for dear life and hoped that Santa would guide us to our destination.

Somehow we arrived safe and sound... Actually SECONDS before a HUGE torrential downpour.

We ran into yet another crazy amusement park and searched for cover.

We found a yellow train/car and we all ducked in. Soon a Mrs. Claus in black high heels came over and offered to give us a tour of the park.

The park was crazy!!!! Loads of amusement rides, bumper cars, elephant rides, a zoo, roller coasters, mirror mazes...

She stopped our yellow train to let us have a look at these monster fish. I still have no idea what they were.

We also went for a look in some strange snake/gator park... the shop inside contained all of their relatives tails, scales and nails for sale. :-(

We cruised around some more and went through Chinese and Japanese gardens and saw a traditional wedding ceremony crossing the bridge.

There's Santa Claus on his red car train!!!!!

Then we took a giant paddle boat out on the lake at dusk to watch the park transform into a neon disco play land!!!!

These poor guys were at the gate saying goodbye to us. We attacked them with sooooo much lovin.

Oooooh... What a bizarre yet awesome Christmas!!!

For more pictures of Saigon's crazy parks:

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