Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Salsa Dancin' in Sapporo!!!

A week ago a small group of us decided to go check out Havana - a salsa club in Tanuki Koji, Sapporo.

I haven't danced salsa since I lived in Guatemala (which was YEARS ago!) so I was ready to dust off my rust and get my latin groove back on!!! :-)

Crystal and Jesse ordered their Mojitos before we hit the dance floor! (below is a sample of their non-alcoholic menu - i LUUUUV the photo they chose for their menu! hahah)

We got there early to practice our salsa steps...

People started showing up at about 8:30 and luckily we had plenty of partners to dance with!!!

In case anyone's interested we also spotted an ad for "walking lessons." Hrmmmm.... maybe I should learn how to walk before I start dancing!

And we're heading back for more salsa fun on Crystal's Bday during Yuki Matsuri - so come join in the fun!!!

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