Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowboarding in Teine on Coming of Age Day

It's hard to believe last week I was basking in the sun in Vietnam and this week I'm hittin the slopes snowboarding!!! (my body must be in complete shock and hating me by now)

I thought I had given up on snowboarding after our last adventure (and disaster) in Niseko. But last night we had drinks at a local pub when we bumped into a 2nd year JET, Tiffany, who was in town snowboarding for the 3 day weekend. She somehow managed to convinced me, Crystal and Jesse to join her snowboarding. She promised she would teach us.

Soooooo.... we decided to head on out to Teine. It's only a 1hour/$6.50 train and bus ride away so we couldn't say no!

On the way we chatted with some gorgeous young ladies who were out strutting their stuff in their beautiful kimonos for the National Holiday - Coming of Age Day. Coming of Age Day is always held on the 2nd Monday of every January. All women who are 20 celebrate this day since 20 is the age when they are considered to be adults. (It's also the legal age for voting, smoking and drinking)

We got to Teine and Tiffany gave us 3 pointers:

1. Look up.

2. Dig your heels in to stop.

3. When you're sitting on the slopes don't lean back with your arms cause your fingers could get sliced off by a skiier/boarder passin by (i guess this happened to a JET last year! ouch)

Then she said GOOD LUCK!!!! and headed off on the lift to go boarding!

WHAT?!???!?!??! that's our lesson?!?!!? we agreed to come because we thought we would have free one on one lessons with someone who actually could speak ENGLISH! awwwwww..... CRAP!

So we were left alone to fall... fall..... and ouch... fall again. I guess it's the only way to learn!

Jesse was nice enough to hold me as I screamed my way down.

We spent most of the time on our asses laughing and talking.

Here's Jesse coasting down!!!

And FINALLY after a zillion tries I was amazingly somehow able to stand up and go down the mini hill on my own!!!!! It was a miracle.

I still hate snowboarding... and royally stink at it. But I have this free board and we're living in snowy cold Hokkaido - so what's a girl to do!!??!?! Hopefully by the end of the 2 years I'll be able to go down the big mountain! uh oh. I smell disaster!


photograbock said...

Did you realize that you have the exact same head tilt/open mouth/peace sign pose in every pic!?! Haa!

Oom Papa said...

Long way from Maine South kid. Erin lets' me follow you around the world and I really enjoy doing so. You are spreading the peace sign everywhere. Picking up where us old hippies left off.
Papa, Almost Grumpa,Ohrn
aka Jeffrey

Callie Sorensen said...

yeah crystal.... I think that pose was me FREEZING in terror if I remember correctly!

Callie Sorensen said...

Hey Jeffrey!!!!!

wow! what a blast from my past. how are ya??? congrats on bein an almost grumpa!!! you gotta drag erin and the gang out to japan! :)