Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sparking Hip Hop Performance!!! YO!!!

uh oh. YO YO!!!

So our official hip hop/breakdancing classes ended before Xmas.... butttt I was asked to continue to dance so I said suuuure! (i seize any and all opportunities to shake my thang!)

Little did I know that wanting to continue meant joining a small 5 man group who would be seriously meeting 3 times a week (or more) learning a brand new (and MUCH faster) routine!!! YIKES.

During our 3 hr practice on Saturday I was given this flyer and ticket!!! CRAP!!! We're going to be performing at an actual hip hop performance! I asked how many people will be watching and they said 600!!!!!! oh no.

So if you're going to be in Sapporo for Yuki Matsuri and would like a good laugh on Feb. 7th - let me know and I can pick you up a ticket for 1,000 yen.

I've also realized I have a solo!!!!! It's only 40 seconds - but seems like the longest 40 seconds of my LIFE (and I have to choreograph it on my own)! If anyone wants to volunteer any groovy funky moves for me to use I'll forever be in debt for you.... cause all I know now is the running man, roger rabbit, butterfly and funkdified salsa moves. hahahah....

I better get back to studying Japanese so I can understand more of what they're saying! Yikes....


John Nguyen said...

How about the SPONGEBOB DANCE!? That'll eat up a few precious seconds. And it looks cool ;)

photograbock said...

You'd better include my patented flappin' arm moooove, beeatch!

Callie Sorensen said...

spongebob CHECK
flappin' arms CHECK

now i just need a stage name.

Oom Papa said...

Well Kid I really need to know the story about the knife in the head. I know you bent over , clean teeth and all, but WTF is a butcher knife doing in your bathroom. Different customs etal? No floss? Anyway not so sure Erin is up for travel at this point in her life, and 14 months of unemployment, (bliss), makes travel difficult at best. rudynora@sbcglobal.net would bring the full story. If you haven't seen the latest belly pix I can arrange it. Strange stuff for a Pop