Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vietnamese Bathrooms

Back in Sapporo, Hokkaido my shower is a FREEZER BOX... I have to light the little gas fire and crank a handle until it's boiling... then I run into the wooden platformed icy room and try not freeze to death before the hot water hits me. But HERE in Vietnam its AMAZING. Tiled walls and a tiled floor!!! a warm bathroom and a faucet you just turn to get automatic heat! WOW. The simple pleasures in life.

The temperature of the water wasn't the only thing heatin' up our bathroom.... so was the decoration of the tiles!!!!! They were a normal grey marble except for one random tile which was a tiled photo of an 80's woman in a wet white tank top and high waisted neon green bathing suit. AMAZING.

But in that same hotel we also spent all night watching the cockroaches crawl up the wall. hrmmm.... You win some and you lose some...

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