Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whale Island and Nha Trang...

The last stop on our Vietnam/Cambodia adventure was Whale Island which is a few hours north of Nha Trang.

We read about it in lonely planet as one of the top 5 hidden beaches to escape to. We wanted another dose of pure relaxation before heading back to work in snowy Hokkaido.

Here's the tiny fishing port where we caught a boat to our deserted island!

Whale Island was a perfect retreat. There was nothing to do but relax, eat, sleep, swim, read, nap, and relax some more.

Above is our beach side cabana fit with a hammock. And this pineapple stuffed with fruit and shrimp is just one example of our zillion dishes they fed us. mmmmm...

Sadly the weather wasn't on our side while we were at Whale Island... but it actually was a good thing because it forced us to be even LAZIER. ahh... Watching the storms roll in was amazing!

On Day 3 when the weather cleared up we decided to go for a hike to a huge rock which offered a 360 degree view of the island.

We said goodbye to Whale Island and headed back to Nha Trang to meet up with John's mom, brother, sister, bro in law and niece.

They took us to go meet their favorite monkey. Hahahh... He just hung out on a pink bicycle all day. Poor guy!

We then strolled the beach at Nha Trang and watched the HUGE waves come crashing in.

We said our farewells as we boarded the night bus to head back to Ho Chi Minh City in order to catch our flight!

For more pictures of Whale Island and Nha Trang:

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