Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yuki Matsuri - Sapporo Snow Festival 2009

my mom came to visit me in Sapporo for 2 weeks and to see the snow festival!!!

Ice Sculptures along Susukino.

Ice skating rink in Odori Park

Tako yaki (octopus balls) and mushy chocolate bananas for sale!!! Even the lady had a tako yaki hat on!

Here's the sculpture I helped work on.... Glad to see it survived the warm temps and rain over the last few weeks!!! That judo player has a beautiful belt and armpit. I wonder who sculpted it!??!?!

We also went to Tsudomu where they had a Snow Festival Children's Playland full of fun activities for the kids like building mini snowmen, sledding, mini skiing, bamboo horseshoes, ice slides and more!!!

We watched the snowball fighting championships!!!!! :-)

My mom and I found a Tappy Playland!!!!!! I was in heaven.

I first heard of Tappy before I left Japan - he's the mascot of Sapporo - an onion fairy!!!!

My mom and I fed tappy snowballs with chopsticks. He was so hungry!

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Atsumi said...

Hi, Callie.
I could find out how much you enjoy life in Japan reading this weblog.

I've never been to Yuki Matsuri, one of the most famous festivals in japan.

Your mother came to Japan, didn't she? I wish I could see her.