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8/2008 - 12/2008 Work Report

I haven't written many posts about my actual work at school, so I decided to post part of my work report for those of you who are interested to see what kinds of things I've been doing at one of my schools... but because I'm not allowed to mention my school or teacher's names, I had to do quite a bit of cutting. ;-) This work report is for my non-base school which I work at every Wednesday and Thursday.

Callie Sorensen ALT Work Report 8/2008 – 12/2008

Typical Class Schedule

Wednesdays: 2nd period- meeting with JTE, 4th period- 3rd year Optional English Class, 5th period- 2nd year Reading, 6th period- 2nd year (2-4) Writing

Thursdays: 1st period- 2nd year (2-7) Reading, 3rd period- 2nd year (2-3) Reading, 4th period- 2nd year (2-2) Reading, 6th period- 2nd year (2-6) Writing

3rd year Optional English Class

Every Wednesday I team teach in the 3rd year Optional English Class. Each week we select a different topic to talk to the students about. Some of the topics included: idioms, the differences between British English and American English, the origins of surnames, etc. We have also held holiday parties (Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas) to teach the students about American Holidays. The JTE and I have conversations and I lead the class in Listening quizzes each week to improve the students’ listening skills.

2nd year Reading and Writing Classes
In my 2nd year classes, I am given the first 10 minutes to prepare an activity for each class. In order to build a friendship with the students and to get them out of their seats, I have used this time to teach them many interactive English games. Some of these games include: Category Relay, Simon Says, Hangman, 20 Questions, Boggle and more. During the rest of the period I do model readings, vocabulary building, and add my own anecdotes.

Foreign Exchange Student

During September and October there was a Canadian foreign exchange student at our High School. I met with her for a period everyday to talk about her adjustment into Japanese life. We discussed cultural differences, homesickness and many other things. I also was invited for dinner at her home stay family’s house.

Japanese Study

During my free periods I have made time to study Japanese. I took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in December. Learning Japanese has enabled me to communicate better with both the students and teachers at school. When I first arrived, the students were afraid to speak English to me because they did not want to make mistakes. Now, the students see me trying to speak Japanese (and making many mistakes) so they are less afraid to make mistakes in English.

After School/Lunchtime English Tutoring

During lunch and after school I helped students prepare for the STEP Test (Eiken) English exam. I also held mock interviews for 3rd year students who had upcoming English University Entrance Interviews. This helped them gain confidence and improve their English speaking ability.

I also met with a 1st year student, who was preparing to do an exchange with a family in Canada. I helped her practice some English conversations that she could use at her home stay. We also talked about some of the cultural differences between Japan and Canada/U.S.

Lunchtime English Conversation

When I am not busy with tutoring, I go to the 3rd year students’ classroom to eat lunch. We speak in both English and Japanese and talk about differences between America and Japan.

Callie’s English Corner

In early November I received permission from the Vice Principal to start Callie’s English Corner. I have a bulletin board in the hallway next to the teacher’s room. Every 1-2 weeks I change topics. I post various news articles, photographs, stories, cartoons, lessons on American Sign Language and more. Some of the topics I have done include: Obama, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

HEC (Hokkaido English Contest)

In early December I started advertising for the Hokkaido English Contest. I am recruiting 1st year students to take part in the annual English Contest which will be held in March 2009.

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