Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another MFB Hip Hop performance!

We had our second performance at Maruyama Koen in Sapporo last Saturday. It was a smaller more chill event than the last... so it was a lot of fun!!!

There were a wide variety of performances such as cheerleaders, poppers, a crazy awesome singer/actor, and more...

This video is of the Butchers cheerleading squad. 2 of the girls in Butchers are also in MFB - our hip hop group. I asked them if they perform at sports events and they said they cheer for American Football!?!?! Hrmmm.... I didn't know American Football even existed in Hokkaido!

Also... here's video clips of our performance. We had taken a 3 week holiday off from dancin and then only met twice before the performance so we were a bit rusty. haha...

And then the highlight of the evening for me was this amazing one man act!!!!! Hahah... it gets better and better so keep watching. What style! What moves! What passion! What grace!!!! I think I met my soulmate ;-)

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