Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brass Band Concert

Friday night I went to my school's brass band concert.

The first half of the concert they were in school uniform and played some beautiful pieces. They sure did sound professional - I guess it's because in Japan the club activities such as brass band practice for hours EVERYDAY!!!! even on school holidays!!!!!!

After intermission the lights dimmed down and they re-entered but when the lights came on - everyone was dressed in funky neon costumes!!!!!! some of the guys were wearing bridal veils, the trombonists were wearing big b-day cakes on their head, the conductor was a clown, others were in funky neon clothes with flowers, rad shades, frog heads and more!!! They even had little dances and kick steps they did during the songs! hahahaha....

They also acted out some of the pieces such as Harry Potter and a story about kids getting in trouble at school. It was very entertaining!!!!! Can't wait for the next show!

I can't post pics of me with my students cause of the privacy rules... but I thought I could at least show you a small video clip of the group playing from afar. ;-)

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