Sunday, March 1, 2009

Callie and Mama in Sapporo

We had fun while in Sapporo too! It was my mom's Bday while she was in Japan so a few of my Japanese friends came over and we threw her a surprise Bday party!!!!! We also gave them some root beer to try - it was hilarious watching them try to drink it since root beer here in Japan tastes just like their medicine! hahah...

We also visited a few teachers and students' houses for dinner but sadly I'm not allowed to post pictures of students or teachers anymore. :-( sniff....

We had a few snow storms while in Sapporo... One morning we had to jam the door open thru the snow to get out! Isn't my snow shovel amazing???? Now I understand why they make them like mini wheel barrows.

Here's also a picture of the snow pile up and crazy icicles outside of my window!

We spent most of our time in Sapporo shopping in the millions and millions of crazy shops, eating, and going to the fun neon arcades!!!

We did manage to squeeze in a few tourist sights such as the clock tower and Akarenga - the government office building.

Bye mamacita!!!!!!

It was fun!!!!!!!! I'll miss ya!!!!!! xoxo

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