Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cooking Lessons in School... mmm...

It's now Spring Vacation... even though it's still randomly snowing outside!!!! brrr....

I am busy prepping 5 students for the Hokkaido English Challenge (English Conversation Competition) in the afternoons but my mornings have been free. The Home Ec teacher was kind enough to invite me and a few other teachers to learn how to cook a few Japanese dishes. The first dish we cooked was Sakura Mochi. (or cherry blossom sweet rice cakes) YUM!!!!

Sweet bean paste is put in the middle of the sugary mochi (rice ball) and then a salty pickled cherry blossom leaf is wrapped around the outside. You can only get these leaves during the cherry blossum season... so you see Sakura Mochi in almost every supermarket and convenient store now. It was surprisingly easy to make! and the salty leaf/sweet bean combo was deeeelish!

Then a few days later we learned how to cook Oyako Donburi which is a bowl of rice with a chicken/egg/onion concoction which you pour on top. YUM!!!

It was also surprisingly easy to cook. You just use this mini nabe funky style pan and fry up some onion, herbs, soy sauce, mirin and then add in the chicken... once its cooked you crack an egg over top and cover it for a minute before carefully pouring it on top of the rice.

We had a mini lunch party and ate our Oyako Donburi with some seaweed soup. YUM!!!

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