Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hina Matsuri (Hina Doll Festival)

Hina Matsuri is an event for those who have young daughters. It falls on March 3 (Tue.) and before this day, parents display beautiful hina dolls at home to pray for their daughter’s good health and happiness. Hina dolls traditionally consist of 15 dolls, including an emperor and empress. All dolls wear beautiful ancient costumes. Usually they are displayed with special snacks (hina-arare), unique sake (shiro-zake), special sweets (uguisu-mochi and sakura-mochi), and flowers (momo and nanohana), which are all featured during hina-matusuri.

For more on the Hina Matsuri:

When my mom and I visited one of my student's houses, they put their Hina Doll display up early for us! They sure did put America's lil G.I.Joes to shame. ;-)

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