Thursday, March 26, 2009

Student Recommendations

One of the teachers assigned the students to write an essay about ANY recommendations they had for me to see/do/listen to... Here's what they recommended!

TV Shows:
Drama- A White Tall Tower
Osama- about Japan and its history
Moya Moya Summers about a comedian who visits places in Tokyo

Okuribito - about a mortician
Mama Mia
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Saw - "It is a grotesque movie, but it is interesting"
Uchoten Hotel - comedy
Hoshi ni natta shonen - "is the story that a boy become an elephant tamer."

Oni-Gokko (pretend devil)
Zero (Fatal Frame)- a horror video game "According to a questionnaire, it is the second most dreadful video game all over the world."

Janne Da Arc - rock/ballade/pop group
Dreams Come True
Fukuyama Masaharu

Cartoonist- Saori Oguri who is married to an American and draws about their comical daily life
Cartoonist- Osamu Tezuka

Vegetable cake shop: Sweet Little Jane across from Sapporo Factory
Moms onigiri
Green tea parfait
Cheesecake from Shatoraze
Rice Burger at Mos Burger
Kinako-mochi (soybean powder and sugar with mochi)
Oshiruko - mochi soup with azuki
Macaroon "Many girls likes it because it is usually pastel colors. Its shape is cute."
Okonomiyaki- "A meat and vegetable pancake"
Natto- fermented soybeans
Ageimo- "made from potato and only fried. Some people add a piece of batter to."
Celery - "when you eat it, you become more healthy."
Dorayaki- "ann (bean paste) sandwiched between bakeries. Please try them at Sapporo Dora in Misono."
Ramen Salad
Taiyaki - "It is Japanese baked. It is formed like fish and has anko in the body."

Places to go:
Toya-ko Lake
Kyoto - Kinkakuji Temple
Kyoto - Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Kyoto - Yakushiji Temple "Thre is some bonzes and they preach us for free. Their preach is worse listening because it is very funny. It will change your impression of preach."
Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa
Hiroshima - Atomic Bomb Dome
Tokyo Disney Resort "Please go there and have a dreamy time."
Nara to experience a "Bonzes Sekkyou"
JR Tower - Movie theater on Thursdays
Gato-Kingdom - free shuttle every hour from Sapporo Station. It has a pool, spa, hotel, restaurant and sweet shop
Book off - used book store

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