Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Japanese Energy Drinks

Being sick is no fun... I came down with a nasty cold which has been slowly creeping up on me. I asked some Japanese friends what they recommended for a cold and a lot of them told me to take an energy/health drink!

For those of you who haven't been to Japan.... at almost every supermarket, convenient store, pharmacy and other random shops you can find one section dedicated to rows and rows and more rows of these magical little crazy bottles. I'm still not too sure what they are exactly. Some swear by certain ones for hangovers, others for sicknesses, others for energy and the list goes on...

When teachers noticed I had started catching a cold one even gave me a drink as a present - so sweet!!!

I gulped it down... but about an hour later had the runs.... ewwww.... not sure if the drink was hard at work or if my body was in shock and wondering what the heck I had just put in it!?!?! hahah... either way I wasn't doing too hot so finally my supervisor suggested I go home at lunch time...

On my way home I stopped to ask the pharmacist what she recommended for a cold and she led me to yet ANOTHER drink.... I gulped that down also but am still sick as a dog and had to take a sick day. I lost my voice and have been sleeping for 12 hour stints.

Hope I can get back on track soon... Not too sure I believe in these little expensive bottles. I'm going back to my secret stash of good ole American powerful meds!!!! (thanks mom!)

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