Sunday, April 12, 2009

Justin's weekend in Sapporo

Justin, a fellow JET friend of mine from Eastern Hokkaido, came out to Sapporo last weekend...

We dined, chatted and hit up the nightlife in Susukino!!!

Here we are dining on okonomiyaki before heading out on the town...

We met up with some other JETs for some drinks then hit MickeyD's on the way home to try the new green tea/oreo McFlurry! (it wasn't so good and looked more like mossy moldy ice cream... but at least it didn't taste like fish)

As we were walking home along the covered shopping street of Tanuki-koji you could tell spring was approaching because the guitar players, dancers and singers were out practicing their tunes.... It was hilarious to watch the girl singers being surrounded by all males and the guy singers surrounded by swooning teen girls! hahah

Saturday night Justin and I weren't too sure where to go in Susukino so we just randomly entered buildings and closed our eyes to press random floors to see what treasures awaited us.... but sometimes we weren't so lucky...

but back on the streets we did hit the jackpot and met a great group of random people who took us under their wings!!!! we went out with them all night.... eating, drinking, chatting and wrapped it up with a fun round of karaoke!!!

since Justin drove out to Sapporo he asked if we could take a trip out to COSTCO!!!!!!!! how could i resist a ride to go visit the heavenly land of over sized portions and greasy american gooooodness?!?!?! we indulged in pizzzzza, hot dogs, free refills and soooo many samples!!!!!

mmmmm..... i looooooooove COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the security guard wasnt so excited!)

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