Monday, April 13, 2009

Move over Easter bunny... here comes Dole-kun

This year I traded in the easter bunny to hang out with Dole-kun - the owl mascot of Sapporo's Soccer team - the Consadoles!!!!

I'm especially fond of Mr. Dole-kun because we share the same initials - CS!!!! whoo hoooooo....

One of my students who graduated this year invited me to a Consadole game with her Mom. They are part of the fan club so go to EVERY game!!!

I had taiko (Japanese drums) practice in the morning so I met them at the Sapporo Dome in time for kick off...

The game reminded me of the Sapporo Ham Fighters (baseball) game I went to last year because there were so many genki cheers with hand movements, waving, jumping, and towel waving... I know nothin about soccer really but the actual game was heaps of fun!!!! ;-)

They even had cheerleaders who came out to cheer alongside Dole-kun...

We were winning most of the game 1-0 but then the other team scored a point in the last 10 minutes so we tied 1-1. The craziest and most shocking thing about the game was at the end.... the team came out and walked around to each side of the stadium and bowed... BUT instead of everyone clapping for them they were SCREAMING WITH ANGER and BOOing!!!!!! They gave them huge thumbs down while shouting at them at how awful they played!!!@(*!&@)! HUH!@*!)(@*??? They didn't even lose - it was a tie!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! My student and her mom were laughing at me cause I was shouting in Japanese: "It's OK! DON'T WORRY! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!" hahah... With how polite Japanese culture is this one took me by surprise!!!! I took a small video clip of the booing cause I couldn't believe it!


After the game we went for a nice dinner out and chatted... They invited me to a game at Atsubetsu Stadium which is an outdoor stadium. I guess when the Sapporo Ham Fighter Baseball team is playing the Consadoles get booted over to Atsubetsu. But I think the outdoor stadium will be good fun!

I can't wait til the next game!!!

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