Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Big Move

Wow… what a crazy past few weeks I’ve had!!!

After the break in, my girlfriend Jo and I flew to Kansai and spent an awesome time in and around Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. We said our goodbyes and then as she was on a plane back to Chicago I went on to do my 3rd 10 day Vipassana meditation course. It was probably my most challenging sit, but was amazing. It’s especially help me through the transition of coming back home and getting through my fear after the break-in. So far I've been able to maintain the hour sit in the morning AND evening! Hopefully I can stick to it. ;-)

I've had a hectic and stressful 1st week back in Sapporo. I had to make a tough decision about where to move but after I finally made a decision, we had an amazing turn out yesterday with 7 students and 11 teachers coming to help me with the move!!! They made a long train and passed the boxes and things I had packed over the week. What would have taken me weeks to do took the group only an hour!!!

I had a few JET friends come over and help me with handy work and my Japanese girlfriend brought dinner over and helped me sort thru and hang my clothes... she also gave me tips on possible outfit combos! Hahaha (THANKS Atsuko!!!!)

The next day, after unpacking a bit we went to Moss Burger for lunch and treated ourselves to the new MOSDO burger - a burger in the shape of a donut with wasabi flavored sauce in the middle and onions a whopping tomato and moss sauce. Mmmmm... hahaha...

So now I’m finally moved and have secured my new house with all sorts of locks and booby traps so hopefully I’ll be safe now and be able to sleep at night.

I won’t have internet at my new house for about a month which means my blog will have to wait… But I will give my account info to Jo who is going to blog about our trip and her experience in Japan! So a big thanks to Jo!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported me through all of this!!! I love love love my new house!!!


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