Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Doggone good weekend...

Awww..... I spent this weekend with some of my teachers and their DOGS!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

After missing Gizmo so much, it was great to get out, enjoy the fresh air, nice weather, good friends, and have a doggone great time with some pups!!!

Saturday morning I took a walk with Gon.... he is the cutest corgi who lives next door!!!!

Then on Sunday I had 2 teachers come over for a lunch party... One of my teachers and her husband brought over their shetland sheepdog puppies!!! They were sooooooo cute!!! We feasted then had a long fun walk along the Toyohira River next to my house.

Marin kept jumping up on me and snuggling his head up against mine. I've never met a dog that nudges and snuggles sooo much!!!! I didn't want to put him down!!! ;-)

They were both sooooooo well trained!!! She had them sit close together and then wait as we walked away until she gave me the command to call them..... in which they DARTED towards me and jumped up to snuggle yet again against my neck. hahah...

Dogs are great for meeting people too! We chatted to so many other dogs and Marin and Toko kept wanting to play tennis and frisbee with everyone along the river! hahah... we also met a group of Deaf Japanese adults who were having a BBQ along the river. Luckily I had been studying some Japanese Sign Language so I was able to communicate a little with them... and one of them had been to the States so he knew a bit of ASL. It made me really really really miss being apart of a Deaf community. :-(

After all the doggie parties I actually started to feel down for the first time since I've arrived in Japan. Maybe it was all the fun time I spent with families and dogs... made me miss my family and friends back home and made me miss Gizmo :-(

But everything is going so well here in Japan, so I know this slump won't last for long :-)

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