Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hokkaido University Festival!!!!

yeah FESTIVALS!!!!!

I went to check out the Hokkaido University Festival a few weekends ago with a former student and some JET friends... we saw them advertising for the festival a week in advance... they were marching through the streets in awesome crazy costumes... i then knew i HAD to go!!!

Here's one costume of tako yaki (fried octopus balls) yum yum!!!

No Japanese festival would be complete without lots of boys dressed up as girls... (school girls, maids, geishas, pop stars, female cows... you take your pick) I love this country!

We had fun wandering about the festival, eating, listening to music, mingling with the man/girls, singing, dancing, watching magic shows, relaxing.... and we even went into the University's haunted house!!! We weaved our way through a labyrinth of black cardboard boxes and bloody heads... and creepy bloody hospital scenes... Jesse even picked up one of the bloody heads that was thrown at us and handed it to the bloody zombie woman who was following us. hahaha... I wish I had a video to show you!

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