Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May/June Randomness in Sapporo

With the snow FINALLY all gone and spring peeking through it means that Sapporo has come back alive!!!!!! Flowers blooming, festivals in full swing.... awww... I missed this place!!!

In an effort to get my blog back up to speed here are just a quick rundown of the things you've missed in the past month and a half. ;-)

The big news is that my good friend Stephanie got married!!!! CONGRATS STEPH and YUKIA!!!!

We threw her a mini Bachelorette party at Electric Sheep...

Take a look at Crystal's photographs from the gorgeous traditional Japanese wedding she had.


There were also heaps and heaps of B-day parties to be had in May/June...

A fellow ALT, Katie, had a picnic B-day party in Maruyama Park... The weather was perfect... and my favorite guest at the party was a hairy hot dog dressed up in an orange speedo suit.

Jacob also threw his 27th Bday bash at Famous Door... we were happy to celebrate with a genuine Japanese cowboy!!!! Check out Crystal's blog for more fun fun photos!!!

And yet ANOTHER b-day was for Kanae at Brian's Brew and the Flare Bar. The Flare Bar was a fun joint which put on a drink and fire show (Tom Cruise Cocktail style) for us!!!

And the most recent B-day party was for fabulous Hidetaka at Jack's Casual Bar.


It's also been a month of hanging out with friends...

AND... making new ones!!!!

Nina also threw a mini make your own Okonomiyaki/yaki soba party!!! mmmm.... altho I'm not sure if we cooked the meat throughly cause I was runnin to the loo for a week afterward ;-0

One of the first of the spring festivals was the Sapporo lilac festival which was set up along Odori Park... Lots of people relaxing outside, drinking wine, and sniffing up the lilacs... (made me miss rochester!)

Fun times!!! ;-)

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