Saturday, June 27, 2009

My first birthday in Japan!!!

At lunchtime on my Birthday, my English Club threw a Bday party for me and invited all of the students. So many kids came and we had a blast singing "Happy Bday" in Kenyan Sign Language, dancing, playing pin the candle on Callie and a relay pictionary game ;-)

Some students parents even made cookies and sweets to bring to the party!!! soooo sweet.

One of my teacher's sons made me the cutest chocolate chip cookies for my Bday in the shape of Mario and Yoshi!!!!! ;-)

yum yum!!!

After school I met up with my friend Shingo and we went to the festival in Nakajima Park. It was PACKED... There were soooo many food stalls selling okonomiyaki, multi colored choco bananas, sausages on sticks, squids on sticks and more!!!

There were also loads of games and bouncy castles and rides to go on... The pic on the left is a gold fish catching game...

We bumped into so many of my students too...

There were even a few haunted houses!!!!

After Nakajima, we walked over to Susukino to meet up with a bunch of friends at an Izakaya where we did a nomi/tabehodai (all you can eat and drink in 2 hours!!!)

And what Bday party would be complete without a bunch of kisses on the cheek from random strangers?!?!?!

I love birthdays in Japan because you get the most awesome, random, cute and useful gifts!!!

Some examples include: the ever useful handtowels, lots of cute cute socks (including mexican fiesta toe socks and rilakuma), grilllz sucker, roller derby 80's bubble gum, a pink poo wand stick/pen, traditional Japanese purses and accesories, American yummy junk food, sushi magnets and more!!!

A pink poo stick wand/pen you say??? Why, yes!

According to the packaging you can use it to get people's attention, write essays and letters, um... act like a samurai or you can give it to a maid in a maid cafe so she can wave it around and look pretty.

Sadly we were playing with it so much at my party that my poo wand broke and can no longer extend to 70 cm. What a shame since I was hoping to use it to get my students' attention in English class. ;-)

The note on the back of the package is also awesome. It says 'please do not eat the poo.'

It does kind of look like a nice strawberry softserve, eh???

Here is an awesome lip gloss from Stephanie which had the most tantalizing message:

"Candy Doll is a cosmetic that realizes the wish that the girl wants to be cute. Sweet as fluffy. Happy as milky. It begins sparkling as made magic."

I agree. I think it's every girls dream to be sweet as fluffy and happy as milky!!! ;-)


But the winner of the most interesting gift would have to go to my dear friend Katie.... she gave me an intriguing party girl tin.

uh oh. one could only imagine what this mystery tin contained!!!

Here is a break down of the contents for those of you who can't see the video:

1. Flicker Razor
2. Hand Towel
3. Panties
4. 2 Spray bottles
5. Personal massager
6. American socks
7. Winnie the pooh packing tape

I think this gift needs no additional comments.


Next year will be my 30th... uh oh!!! ;-)

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Chad Lembree said...

Fluffy is Damn sweet!

And milky? He seems pretty Happy!

Either way Happy B-day Callie. Chicago misses you.