Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tarot on the train...

So today was like any other normal day... I finished school, walked and chatted with students on the way to the JR train... I was still beat from the crazy fun birthday weekend I had, so I walked down the train trying to find an open seat. Everyone was standing when I reached the last car so I was shocked to find one open seat. I sat down...

I glanced over at my neighbor who had a lap-desk thingie and TAROT CARDS laid out on it!!!!! I took a quick peek at her... no wait.... him....... he was sooooo fancy!!!! I mean most Japanese boys are fancy but this one... he was special. Decked out from head to toe in all sorts of jewels, rubies, gems, stones, and more. I HAD TO TALK TO HIM... so I asked: "Taroto carudusu dekimasu ka?" (can you do tarot cards???) He nodded then asked if I would like a reading.... HOW COULD I RESIST!!! He asked me for a question so I told him I'm starting to ponder about what's next after Japan. He then closed his eyes and from a velvet purple pouch pulled out these flashy colorful gold rimmed tarot cards and vigorously yet sensitively shuffled the cards up.

He pulled out 2 cards. The first said in English: DRINK MORE WATER and it had a picture of this crazy awesome african woman in a forest surrounded by leopards and lions. The second card said: FIND PEACE and had a picture of an Indian man on it looking off into the distance.

He first of all focused on the drinking water card. (crap. i left my water bottle at school... and i was darn thirsty) He straight away told me to continue to avoid coffee and alcohol. and surprise surprise told me to... drink more water. He said I needed water to cleanse myself... (its kinda creepy cause the psychic i met in kenya told me the same thing!!!)

um... all of this was mainly in Japanese with the few odd sparse English words... his voice was so awesome... like this calm high pitched relaxed psychiky voice... i loved him! ;-)

Then he asked me if I was living next to a river or body of water here in Japan. ummm... YES!!! I live RIGHT NEXT TO the big toyohira river. He nodded as if confirming what he already knew and told me i need to start walking along the river and being next to it more. He told me my eyes were also telling him that. (weird)... something about my eye color being so clear like the river and me gaining power from water. ummm......

When he got to the peace card I was having a hard time following his Japanese.... but he told me I needed to have deep relaxation time. I told him I was meditating every day and he was soooo happy and started clapping. He told me to try meditating next to the river. hahaha.... He also told me that to find 'what next' in life I have to have this deep relaxation and time by the river. He said now my heart and mind are confused and not in sync and that they need to come together, shake hands and um... love eachother! hahaha

He also told me that I needed to go visit the Shiroishi Shrine and drink the holy water from there... and that I needed to go pray at Maruyama Temple for 5 minutes before I went to my Japanese class that day. (oopss..... didnt have time)

oh man.... I couldn't believe this was happening on my commute home from school! I LOVE LOVE LOVE japan!!! Everyday is something new!!!

I wrote down my e-mail on the paper he gave me for taking notes. I really really really hope he writes me! ;-)

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