Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rooftop BBQ party and festival...

2 weekends ago my friend invited me and a few friends to his work party which was thrown on the roof of his design firm! The party wasn't only on the roof... down on ground level was a fun and crazy festival...

I finally found a sumo boyfriend!!! ;-)

The festival even had cute recycling for the many many many different kinds of trash.... Cans, PET bottles, burnables, non-burnables, food, plastics and more... uff! At least they make it cute to sort the trash. ;-)

After wandering around the street fest we headed to the rooftop to listen to live funky jazz and hawaiian music on the roof....

Along with yummy BBQ food they were cooking up we also joined in on a tea ceremony...

We headed back on the street to check out how the festival was doing on the ground.... we found a mikoshi parade with dozens of men carrying 3 diva men... i mean women!!!!! ahhh... japan... how i love thee!!! ;-)

Shabu Shabu

The other weekend Ikuya and I went for shabu shabu!!! yum.... It was my first time eating shabu shabu and it is DEEEELISH!

For our shabu shabu we got a big plate of various types of thinly sliced beef, a plate of veggies and then your choice of ramen or soba noodles... On the center of our table was a hotplate where they placed boiling soba water... You then take a slice of beef and swish it back and forth into the water until it turns a whitish grey... (shabu shabu means swish swishhh!) so after you're done swishing then its ready to dip into your personal kombu (kelp) water bowl. You can add whatever sauces you want... we had miso paste, soy sauces, sesame sauces, and yuzu pepper. mmm...

After you finish half the plate of beef you can then add the vegetables to the hot pot, then continue with the rest of the beef and then finally you add your ramen or soba noodles! At the end you can then drink your bowl which has a combo of all the meat, veggies and sauces... mmm...

Uff... we were stuffed but it was soooo good!

clean your computer screen!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Konkatsu Bra



luckily I missed the deadline by 5 years! ;-)

another article about how young Japanese should be actively seeking their future spouses:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Seiichiro-san and Namahage!!!

My Dad came to Japan about 17 years ago with one of his students after they won a TDK Trials competition. They had the opportunity to do a homestay in Akita with the sweetest Japanese family whom we have kept in touch with ever since...

I was sooo lucky to finally meet the grandfather of the family, Seiichiro-san, who my Dad is always raving about as being the nicest guy. :-) Seiichiro-san made a trip up from Akita by ferry to Hokkaido, so we met in Sapporo for a long coffee chat. He was the sweeeeetest!!! He came bearing so many kind gifts from Akita and shared many stories.

My favorite Akita tradition he told me about is that of Namahage!!!!

Akita is famous for the children eating monster - NAMAHAGE!!!!!! oooooh.... He is sooo cool!

Seiichiro-san told me that on New Year's Eve a group of young men dress up as the fierce Namahage and go around each house in the village shouting: "ANY MISBEHAVING KIDS LIVE HERE!??!?!" They then run around the house telling them not to be lazy or to cry even though the kids are normally so terrified that they burst into tears. Seiichiro-san said when he was a little boy he was petrified of Namahage. awwww.... To make Namahage go away they parents give Namahage loads of booze, food and gifts and reassure him that their children have been good this year. hahaha....

Namahage is waaaaay cooler than coal.

Seiichiro even gave me this awesome phone charm of Namahage riding a jet-motobike!

The charm will remind me to be a good girl this year. ;-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some clips from my students' essays... I'm never bored from marking these ;-)

I was born violently in 1993.

If you want to listen to Japanese musician song, I want you to listen to song of Pornograffitti. Do you know Pornograffitti? They are very popular in Japan. Of course, they never do pornos.

For example, when you are sleeping with your pet of animal, you will feel that your pet is hot and pretty.

When we have pets we relaxed and the pets will be pleased. When we get home, the pets come to the front door quickly and jump to our bodies. It's so cute. If you treat a pet as a member of family, the pet will get cuter and cuter. Let's have the pet. Thank you.

But, I'm unpleasant when I smell the scent of kitchen refuse.

I had smell eraser when I was in junior high school. It made me happy. But it was difficult to erase with the eraser. I think it is useless. So I don't like a smell eraser.

When I was in elementaly school student, I wanted to become bell pepper. Genarally, children dont like it, but I like it very much.

I have a dream, which is going abroad and living there. I like to see foreign movies and to read such books. I also see American TV dramas. In these dramas, American schools are very free and students have each personalities. In Japan, students do what others do, even if he or she doesn't want to do it. Of course, such school lives in the United States in TV dramas are not quite correct. But it is sure that the United States is more free than Japan. I don't mean that I don't like these Japanese spirit, there are many good points in Japanese. I just want to see "my self" in other countries. This is why I want to go abroad.

I watched the drama "HERO" when I was a junior student and I thought that I want to be a public prosecutor then. The reason is very simple. But I'm serious. I want to give it to many criminals.

I want to train myself not to let me fat.

I want to live peaceful life with my friends in future. So I want to go on a spree everyday and drink liquor with girlfriends everyday. But it takes a lot of money for house, for liquor, for meat. So I have to work hard to save a lot of money. I am going to live it up with friends every night on the money in future.

I have a dream. I want to be taller than now. But it may be difficult. Recently, I don't get taller. I don't know that reason. I also drink milk. I sleep even in class, even if I do say so myself. But I don't get taller. Why? Please tell me that reason. I wish I became taller than now and become nice guy!

Anyway, my dream is living plain. I will live surrounded by nice furniture.

Before Im 50 I want to migrate from Japan to other Asia countries.

Before Im 30 I would like to have married to superman! he help me anytime.

Before Im 30 I would like to marry distiny parson and have my family.

Before Im 30 I want to get a job, and my boyfriend will dwell in happiness.

In 3 years I want to be able to speak English fluently because I think I become cool!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Over my birthday weekend was the 18th Yosakoi Soran Dance Festival!!!! I was sooooo sad
I didn't sell my soul and dye my hair black once the festival madness began. snifff.... :-( But Nikki and I went to cheer them on as they performed again and again and again... and again...
The festival took place over 5 days... from June 10 (Wed.) to 14 (Sun.) Over 300 teams of 30,000 people participated!!! holy bajeebus.
It was sooooo Japanesey... with flamboyant colorful over the top costumes, SUPA-GENKI (happy/energetic) dancing, fun fun music, make-up to the max and more!!! I looooved it!
We went on the opening night and got front row seats on the grass at the main stage in Odori Park. It was awesome!!! Before we took our seats we went to go wish our group, Apollo, good luck... They were soooo nervous but looked so awesome in their metallic astronaut costumes and neon eye makeup!
We saw so many groups perform. Most performed to traditional Japanese folk music and all the groups were required to use a naruko (a wooden hand clapper instrument). I loved the other Hokkaido University team's performance because every year they strip down to a sumo thong. Maybe next year I should join that team!!!! Would give me motivation to go to the insane practices (5x week!!!) (sorry Apollo)

It was packed full of fun!!! It made me really really really want to join next year!!!

Check out the website for more info: www.yosakoi.com

even the dogs were decked out for the festival!!!!

So yeah.... back to Apollo... Nikki and I spent the whole festival being their groupies... I felt like a proud mother cheering them on and embarrassing them every step of the way!!!! awww...

Here's a little video compilation I made of their dance performances...

The night of their first performance on the big stage they had a big group meeting and the leader pushed me on the moon rock to give a mama's proud speech!!!! hahaha...

The judging stint towards the end of the festival is a crazy adrenaline pumped parade. Your group has to walk down Odori street and perform 5 TIMES in a row!!!!! the first time is more or less a practice round then the 2nd time is for the judges then the next 3 times is for guests and other people to watch. I dont know how they did it. They were absolutely soaked at the end! hahaha... We went to celebrate with them at the end of the parade. Awww.....

YEAH KENNY and REI!!!!!!!!!

YEAH APOLLO!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

Another favorite was this cute cute cute group of little old ladies dressed up in neon and pastel sequenced cat outfits!!!!!!! i LOVED them!!!!!!! I hope that's me when I'm older.

They also had a group perform in wheelchairs, there were mad scientists, jungle african themes, samurai, gorgeous geishas, flamboyant singin in the rain guys n gals, mickey mouse, school kids, and more...

But because we were following Apollo the whole time I kinda forgot to take pictures of the other groups... so check out my friend Crystal's blog for her gorgeous pics of the Yosakoi Festival!!!!

I did take a few video clips... here's a compilation of SUPA GENKI YOSAKOI!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Homo Milk...

Not only does Japan have Homo Sausage but they also have Homo Milk!!!

I was told Homo Milk was really big popular back in the day!

and to clear the air... Homo stands for Homogenized ;-)

Homo milk even has it's own mascot - HOMO CHAN!!!!! (chan is a cute affectionate friendly term they add on after your name)

Homo-chan has quite sparse stubble, doesn't he??? soooo cute tho! ;-)