Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shabu Shabu

The other weekend Ikuya and I went for shabu shabu!!! yum.... It was my first time eating shabu shabu and it is DEEEELISH!

For our shabu shabu we got a big plate of various types of thinly sliced beef, a plate of veggies and then your choice of ramen or soba noodles... On the center of our table was a hotplate where they placed boiling soba water... You then take a slice of beef and swish it back and forth into the water until it turns a whitish grey... (shabu shabu means swish swishhh!) so after you're done swishing then its ready to dip into your personal kombu (kelp) water bowl. You can add whatever sauces you want... we had miso paste, soy sauces, sesame sauces, and yuzu pepper. mmm...

After you finish half the plate of beef you can then add the vegetables to the hot pot, then continue with the rest of the beef and then finally you add your ramen or soba noodles! At the end you can then drink your bowl which has a combo of all the meat, veggies and sauces... mmm...

Uff... we were stuffed but it was soooo good!

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