Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some clips from my students' essays... I'm never bored from marking these ;-)

I was born violently in 1993.

If you want to listen to Japanese musician song, I want you to listen to song of Pornograffitti. Do you know Pornograffitti? They are very popular in Japan. Of course, they never do pornos.

For example, when you are sleeping with your pet of animal, you will feel that your pet is hot and pretty.

When we have pets we relaxed and the pets will be pleased. When we get home, the pets come to the front door quickly and jump to our bodies. It's so cute. If you treat a pet as a member of family, the pet will get cuter and cuter. Let's have the pet. Thank you.

But, I'm unpleasant when I smell the scent of kitchen refuse.

I had smell eraser when I was in junior high school. It made me happy. But it was difficult to erase with the eraser. I think it is useless. So I don't like a smell eraser.

When I was in elementaly school student, I wanted to become bell pepper. Genarally, children dont like it, but I like it very much.

I have a dream, which is going abroad and living there. I like to see foreign movies and to read such books. I also see American TV dramas. In these dramas, American schools are very free and students have each personalities. In Japan, students do what others do, even if he or she doesn't want to do it. Of course, such school lives in the United States in TV dramas are not quite correct. But it is sure that the United States is more free than Japan. I don't mean that I don't like these Japanese spirit, there are many good points in Japanese. I just want to see "my self" in other countries. This is why I want to go abroad.

I watched the drama "HERO" when I was a junior student and I thought that I want to be a public prosecutor then. The reason is very simple. But I'm serious. I want to give it to many criminals.

I want to train myself not to let me fat.

I want to live peaceful life with my friends in future. So I want to go on a spree everyday and drink liquor with girlfriends everyday. But it takes a lot of money for house, for liquor, for meat. So I have to work hard to save a lot of money. I am going to live it up with friends every night on the money in future.

I have a dream. I want to be taller than now. But it may be difficult. Recently, I don't get taller. I don't know that reason. I also drink milk. I sleep even in class, even if I do say so myself. But I don't get taller. Why? Please tell me that reason. I wish I became taller than now and become nice guy!

Anyway, my dream is living plain. I will live surrounded by nice furniture.

Before Im 50 I want to migrate from Japan to other Asia countries.

Before Im 30 I would like to have married to superman! he help me anytime.

Before Im 30 I would like to marry distiny parson and have my family.

Before Im 30 I want to get a job, and my boyfriend will dwell in happiness.

In 3 years I want to be able to speak English fluently because I think I become cool!

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