Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Over my birthday weekend was the 18th Yosakoi Soran Dance Festival!!!! I was sooooo sad
I didn't sell my soul and dye my hair black once the festival madness began. snifff.... :-( But Nikki and I went to cheer them on as they performed again and again and again... and again...
The festival took place over 5 days... from June 10 (Wed.) to 14 (Sun.) Over 300 teams of 30,000 people participated!!! holy bajeebus.
It was sooooo Japanesey... with flamboyant colorful over the top costumes, SUPA-GENKI (happy/energetic) dancing, fun fun music, make-up to the max and more!!! I looooved it!
We went on the opening night and got front row seats on the grass at the main stage in Odori Park. It was awesome!!! Before we took our seats we went to go wish our group, Apollo, good luck... They were soooo nervous but looked so awesome in their metallic astronaut costumes and neon eye makeup!
We saw so many groups perform. Most performed to traditional Japanese folk music and all the groups were required to use a naruko (a wooden hand clapper instrument). I loved the other Hokkaido University team's performance because every year they strip down to a sumo thong. Maybe next year I should join that team!!!! Would give me motivation to go to the insane practices (5x week!!!) (sorry Apollo)

It was packed full of fun!!! It made me really really really want to join next year!!!

Check out the website for more info:

even the dogs were decked out for the festival!!!!

So yeah.... back to Apollo... Nikki and I spent the whole festival being their groupies... I felt like a proud mother cheering them on and embarrassing them every step of the way!!!! awww...

Here's a little video compilation I made of their dance performances...

The night of their first performance on the big stage they had a big group meeting and the leader pushed me on the moon rock to give a mama's proud speech!!!! hahaha...

The judging stint towards the end of the festival is a crazy adrenaline pumped parade. Your group has to walk down Odori street and perform 5 TIMES in a row!!!!! the first time is more or less a practice round then the 2nd time is for the judges then the next 3 times is for guests and other people to watch. I dont know how they did it. They were absolutely soaked at the end! hahaha... We went to celebrate with them at the end of the parade. Awww.....

YEAH KENNY and REI!!!!!!!!!

YEAH APOLLO!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

Another favorite was this cute cute cute group of little old ladies dressed up in neon and pastel sequenced cat outfits!!!!!!! i LOVED them!!!!!!! I hope that's me when I'm older.

They also had a group perform in wheelchairs, there were mad scientists, jungle african themes, samurai, gorgeous geishas, flamboyant singin in the rain guys n gals, mickey mouse, school kids, and more...

But because we were following Apollo the whole time I kinda forgot to take pictures of the other groups... so check out my friend Crystal's blog for her gorgeous pics of the Yosakoi Festival!!!!

I did take a few video clips... here's a compilation of SUPA GENKI YOSAKOI!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

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