Sunday, August 23, 2009

HEC (Hokkaido English Challenge)

Lake Toya Jr. High School camp finished and the very next morning I was off to HEC (Hokkaido English Challenge) camp. It was a fun filled 5 days of English crazy goodness. Sadly the weather was not on our side... but despite the rain we still managed to have an awesome time!!! (and so did naze-chan the turtle!!!)

The 5 days was chock full of English games, activities, skits, campfire songs, hikes, chatting, crazy olympics, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, introducing them to lots of foreign foods (nachos, pita sandwiches, burgers, and more!!! THANKS WAYNE!!!) and more more more...

One of the first things we had to do for the kids was put on a sample skit for them... Moraya wrote our script and we had an hour to practice before it was stage time!!!

One of the highlights for me was the DJ disco dance party!!!! We tarped off a hut from the rain and gave the kids neon bracelets and blasted all kinds of rockin tunes from backstreet boys to j-pop to michael jackson to 80s hits!!! I was in my element dancing with the kids!

Besides being a group leader in charge of 8 kids I was also the leader for Crazy Olympics!!!! We had to rain delay it once but luckily the next morning the rain stopped so we brought all the kids down to the field and my partner in crime, Brent, and I put together a bunch of wacky crazy olympic games and relays.... from spit in the bucket relays, to a chubby bunny marshmallow eating contest, peanut butter pronunciation, hula hoop passing, and more! At the end the top 2 winning groups got to whip cream smash any ALT of their choice!!!

Also towards the end we put on a sock wrestling show for the kids... The English Teachers had to all go on the blue wrestling mat and when the whistle blew you had to try and take off everyone's socks!!! The last person with a sock remaining was the champion!!!!

Each group also put on a drama. My group decided to do Crazy Disney. The story was actually quite hilarious.... it was about the evil step sisters taking a trip to disney land and running into many different characters.... The first character she ran into was Peter pan. She brought Peter pan to their evil mom and said she would grant him one wish. He wished to be a child FOREVER and POOF!!!! she turned him into an old man. Then Ye held up the one of the boys as he swam onto stage as the Little Mermaid.... singing LA LA LA LA!!! She wished to be a human but POOF!!! turned into a FUGU (a poisonous puffer fish)... Then the evil sisters saw Winnie the Pooh. He wished for honey but POOF!!!! he got the Fugu and took a bite then died. Then they approached Captain Hook.... he wished for his hook to turn into a hand but POOF! his hand turned into a watergun then he limped off stage poking his eye with his hook and then squirting himself with his other hand the watergun. hahah... Then they ran into Stitch... brought him to their mom. He said he was lonely but POOF!!! she granted him captain Hook as his only friend. Then came on me as sleeping beauty sleepwalking onto the stage. I wished to meet lots of hot guys... but POOF! i got old peter pan! OK.... maybe it doesn't seem as funny written down but on stage it was HILARIOUS!!! the kids were so creative ;-)

There was also a fun scavenger hunt in a crazy themed park with jumpy sculptures, the leaning tower of pisa, the great wall of china, moats, hiking trails, 5 stories of crazy slides...

It was amazing to watch these kids grow over the 5 days. They came into camp so shy and quiet but at the end of camp they had developed so much self confidence and were chatting away, making new friends and then bawling at the end of camp when it came time to say goodbye.

Sadly none of my students could make it to camp this year. I had 5 students enter the HEC competition and all 5 received a place at camp. My one boy who won 2nd place is a Jehovahs Witness so due to religious reasons his family wouldnt allow him to go to camp. 3 other girls were in brass band club and had a competition coming up and the other girl I think was too nervous to go on her own. I tried hard to encourage her and get her excited, but in the end she backed out.

Hopefully next year I can get more students to try out and hopefully they can all attend!!! ;-)

I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to zack and katie who were this year's camp coordinators.... they put in a lot of time and effort to make this years camp a huge success!!!!!!

and best of luck to john for HEC 2010!!!!!!!

i cant wait!!!!

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