Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jr. High School English Camp at Lake Toya

The first English camp I volunteered at this summer was a Jr. High School camp alongside Lake Toya.

It was a 2 day English Disney theatre camp!!! There were about 80 students and each volunteer was given a group of 8 students and a Disney movie to reinact. My group's movie was Snow White.

We polished up our script, rehearsed our roles, threw together some costumes and touched up the backdrops over the 2 days. My group was sooooo cute... and somehow the tallest guy in my group who looked more like a college student got the part as bashful!

I helped the kids put a few crazy fun spins on their play... and despite the evil witch falling sick and forgetting how to put a curse on an apple it was a success! I was given the part as prince charmings white stallion. (can you spot me???)

Some of the other plays were: Alladin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid...

Along with the Disney plays we also had fun relays for the kids...

and lots o' FOOD!!! I absolutely love students' bento lunch boxes... they are sooooooo cute! although I'm not a big fan of the fish egged onigiri (rice ball)

Sorry for all the pictures of food.... since I'm not allowed to post pics of the kids faces (and thats all i normally take)... i thought i could show you some of our food at camp!

We also had a jingus khan BBQ one evening!!!!!

The kids were in charge of cooking it up... lots of onions, peppers and stinky sheep! mmm....

At night we watched movies and played with the kids.

One student had a Marimokkori doll attached to her bag... When I pointed out his "kkori" was missing - she had a huge smile on her face and reached into her bag and pulled out the "kkori" on a long string!!!!!!! phew!!! poor marimo!

It was a fun camp... the kids were soooo amazing and outgoing. Their level of English conversation was surprisingly high for being Jr. High School students!!! They even outbeat my H.S. students!!! I think because they aren't concerned with speaking perfectly... they just wanted to chat and have fun with us. ;-)

Can't wait til next year!!!

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