Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Fireworks in Sapporo

In Sapporo everyone is breaking out their yukatas (summer kimonos)... All the shops are putting out their displays.... and they even advertise yukatas for your DOGS!!!!!

I decided to throw a little yukata wearing party at my house and invite some students, friends and other English teachers from Sapporo to come and watch the Toyohira River Fireworks which are literally in my frontyard.

I returned from HEC camp and had only one day to unwind and scrub my dirty dirty wet stanky camp clothes before the Sapporo Toyohira River Fireworks!

A bunch of us gathered at my house before the fireworks to get ready...

we ate, chatted, and enjoyed the fireworks with hello kitty seeing glasses which made each spark on the fireworks appear to have a rainbow hello kitty dancing head.... quite trippy.

It was also the last time I'd see Nina, Emma and Michael who were all finishing up their JET program. boooo.... farewell you guys........

My night came to a perfect end when I ran into a little chubby chihuahua wearing a yukata!!!! We became new best friends and even exchanged phone numbers!!! ;-)

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